New Zealand Tour 2019!

Overjoyed to be heading to New Zealand for the first time! We cannot believe how lucky we are to be doing what we love in far reaches of this beautiful planet. Check out our tour dates here. Equally grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for their tour funding support!

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.    Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.

Summer 2018 Thank you!

So what to say about this summer tour?! GRATEFUL. To every attendee, organizer, peer, promotor, volunteer, friend, loved one and everything in between. We had about the most fun you can possibly imagine this summer! It continues to blow our minds just how amazing our home provinces and communities are. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

And we have so many fun new places and travels to look forward to in the next 18 months, including some new-to-us international destinations!!

In the meantime, we are playing a short run of show in the Kootenays and Okanagan this Sept! Check our the details here

Photo: From a special moment at Frogfest 2018 - by Elise Bouvier


Frog Fest 2018 - By Elise Bouvier.jpg

Happy Holidays and All That

Just writing to say we truly love and appreciate all of you.  Our 10th anniversary is official this week, and after a decade we can't properly express the gratitude and love we have in our hearts to still be here.

We are a family, and you are a part of our family.

So hold each other close through the cold and we will see you soon!!!!



Welcome to our New Website!

Boy oh Boy, this feels like a long time coming!

We spent a few days on our friends' farm in Olds this fall and made a recording of 4 or 5 songs that will be released as an EP in the coming months so stay tuned for that!

The new website features a bunch of new pages including a shop!  WHOA!  Check it out under the 'shop' tab above!  We still have vinyl left, and would love to get those out the door as quickly as possible, so ya get one....or two!

The new website coincides with a bit of a break for the fall, and as such gearing up for the winter and spring.  

Until then we so look forward to seeing you again, and stay warm!

Kaslo Jazz, Bear Creek and Alberta in the Fall

Kaslo Jazz fest was undeniably one of the more memorable shows we’ve played in the past few years. As a touring band, we have the honour and privilege of having so many places embrace us and in no community is that more apparent than Kaslo. It felt like a homecoming show, and with collaborations with the likes of Frazey Ford, Rising Appalachia, Dr. oop, and the Circus Acts Insomniacs was an unforgettable set.

This weekend we are travelling to Bear Creek Folk Festival in Grande Prairie. The inaugural year of the festival will feature Case/Lang/Viers, Corn Lund, Bruce Cockburn, Ruthie Foster, and Bahamas to name a few. The forecast calls for sunny skies and good times! Tickets available at

And check out our upcoming shows in Edmonton and Calgary to see us in some intimate and outdoor venues this fall!



CKUA Live Concert Recording!

Last November during the Canadian Folk Music Awards, CKUA did a live recording of our show at the Mercury Room in Edmonton and they will be playing part of the set live on at 8pm Mountain time Friday January 8th!


Tune in!

End of Tour, Winter Break, Thank you!


With so much back log…back blog??….I wish we would keep on this website update thing more often.  But between, travels, everyday life, all of the various social medias, my desire to be on computers less and the fact that I can’t just telepathically send words to the computer it is hard to sit down for a few minutes and spew feelings.

Well, we did it, we released our new record.  And it feels amazing.  Nearly two full years has gone by since we met on Quadra Island to make, what is in my opinion, a record that is quite a departure from our earlier work.  We taught ourselves a lot about space, about patience, and about not being conscious about what an industry album-cycle should look like.  We went to the spots we know well, and are very grateful that folks came out in droves to hear the new stuff.  Unfortunately, we haven’t yet made it east this year and to those living in those parts, I hope we are able to see you as early as the spring of 2016.

We have had a couple of very interesting years, and I’m proud that so much new music is coming with that time.  (keep your eyes and ears out for recordings we made during our summer tour….maybe… we make really party)

As for what is to come next, we are working on spring, summer and fall tours for next year, and will keep our confirmed shows updated.  We are also working on a concept album, but will divulge more of that as the time comes.


Love you.



Quick Update from the Road

Week three of tour and life is peachy! The new tunes have been well received and the band is loving all these BC shows! We played the brand new Music Hall in Ladysmith last night and tonight we are off to the Waverly in Cumberland. Tomorrow we are on Quadra for Quadrapalooza, then bombing over to Alberta for a bunch of dates (check the shows tab above).

For those attending the show in Calgary, tickets are nearly sold out so get them quick!

The only things we don’t have yet are our vinyls! And we cannot wait to get them!!!! So stay tuned on that.

Thank you for all the love up until now, the shows have been so fun.